How to fix Google Lens Not working on iPhone “Lens is Not Available” ?


Google lens is one of the most advance way of searching anything using phone camera. The app is supported on both Android and iPhone. Many iPhone users are reporting issue with the Google lens not working on their iOS device/ iPhone. Google lens is not working and is showing “something went wrong Google lens are not working”. Even on the latest iPhone 14 Google Lens is not working.

While trying to use Google lens on iPhone, lens in google app doesn’t search anything. It brings up the image and just closes out of the tab.

Lens is Not Available

The Google lens was working properly since many years in the iPhone but suddenly stopped working randomly. There  are lots of issue faced in Google lens on the iPhone like google lens app not starting, google lens app freezing on iPhone, or Google lens app not searching on iPhone. IF you are also facing such issues on the iPhone then please try below listed possible solution to fix google lens issue on iPhone:

How to fix Google Lens not working on iPhone 14/13 : iOS 17

Fix 1 :


Due to software glitch the Google lens may not work properly on your iPhone and to fix that you should try to do following steps:

  •  Update to newest IOS update
  •  Log back in to your Apple account
  • Delete the Google lens app and reinstall it
  •  restart phone.

Fix 2:

One workaround to fix the issue is to try opening Google lens in the Private mode on the browser. Try using a private browser eg safari private mode and see if it helps. If still nothing works for you the nyou should contact the app developer of Google Lens app and wait for updates.

Hope this article helps to fix Search with google lens on iPhone 14 not working, please let us know in comment section.


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