“Something Went Wrong” Error on PS5 ? [Solved]


PS5 is the much demanded version of Playstation in the market. PS5 is great in term of speed and hardware updates. But recently many users are facing issue while playing game of the PS5, the issue game force close and generate an error report a few times each session and says “Something Went Wrong”. A restart will fix it temporarily but eventually it’ll happen again. 

“Something Went Wrong” Error on PS5 ? [Solved]
PS5 Something went wrong error

“Somethings Went Wrong” is one of the main issues that people on PS5 are having. PS5 freezes and crashes every in few games and has to be closed. The issue is seen while playing diffrent types of Games like Battlezone, Warzone . 

Also PS5 keeps telling “Something went wrong” while trying to load Friends list, Spotify, and it can’t display User/Account information.

How to fix PS5 “Something went wrong” Error :PlayStation 5/ 2022

Fix : Reset Internet Router

One of the best fixes for the issue is resetting your modem and router. The issue seems to occur more frequently when you download  a game from the library. Resetting internet devices somehow fixes the issue for any users


Fix : Reset PS5

If you are facing Something went wrong issue after a software update or any other changes in the PS5 then this could be a Software issue; for some reason the ps5 software isn’t initiating the update download. To fix that you should try resetting the PS5 from settings. This seems to help for most of the issues. 

Fix : Disable Texture Streaming 

The issue is quite new in the PS5 and no official acknowledgement has been provided by the user. One easy workaround to fix Something went wrong issue on PS5 is to turn off 120hz in PS settings and disabled texture streaming. This seems to fix the issue or at least the occurrence of the issue is reduced.

Fix : Disconnect Internet

For some user disconnecting and Connecting internet fixes the problem for a while but it keeps coming back. You can try it to stabilise the issue for some time.

Fix : Wait for Some Time

Sometimes due to some server side changes or activity you may see such issue. In such case please wait for a while and the issue should be resolved on its own in few hours/days. 


If the error still occurs then you should try to update, restart your network equipment and PS5, then try to update again.

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