Unable to create Bullet List in Microsoft Teams chat ?


Office365 user running on Windows 10 are reporting that they can not create anymore bullet list in the Teams. The issue started recently that teams user cannot add a bullet list in the teams chat anymore. You will be able to add bullet but once you post it , it is posted as a simple text, no bullets are shown. 

When you enter a bullet using shift+enter in Teams, it will go to the next line but then no bullet is being shown in the message. The feature was working in past but bullet stopped working recently in teams.

Unable to create Bullet List in Microsoft Teams chat ?

 Earlier the Teams used to let you add items to list with Enter and you could submit the message by hitting Enter twice on the last list item. Now it submits after the first list item which is frustrating. The new workflow seems to be create the list in single lines and then go back and format it as a bulleted list.

It seems that MicroSoft Teams hasn’t tested properly before throwing out a release but should look into it immediately.


How to fix MS Team Bullets not adding in Teams text message 2022  ? 

Fix 1: Check Spell check service of Teams 

Workaround to enable bullets in Teams is to use  the text edit mode but that may be inconvenient for most of the users. Text edit mode  can add the bullets. 

  • Open  the “format editor” button(Press Ctrl+Shift+X to open the format editor). 
  • The A with the pencil on the bottom left corner of your message. 
  • Then the list stays active as you press enter. 
  • Now you will have to close the editor mode .

Fix : Use + sign

In Teams if you want to use bulletss, You can use the + sign in the chat it creates a bulleted list.  Please note that 

+ symbol creates a bullet list with squares

* symbol creates a bullet list with circles (standard)


You can also vote for re-introducing this “lost feature” here:


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