Why iPhone 13 showing False “Airpods left Behind” ?[Solved]


In the latest iOS update new feature are added by Apple and now the iPhone owners will be notified if they leave behind their AirTag, AirPods or other Gadgets. But many iPhone users are reporting that this issue is bugged and iPhone is randomly showing “Left Behind” Notifications on iPhone, which are false as the users have AirPods in their pocker.

A users reported as

“I keep getting “left behind” notifications even though my AirPods Pro are in my pocket

This is annoying and frustrating issue as you have to check you Airpods all the time when you see the notifications. iPhone users are getting this notification very frequently specially while travelling. 


Why AirPods left behind notification are Shown ?

Why iPhone 13 showing False “Airpods left Behind" ?[Solved]
Random “Airpods left behind” notification on iPhone X

Since the left behind notifications will be triggered if the iPhone does not detect the AirPods near to it. This cab be due to Airpods not charged properly. Check to make sure both pods are charging as many users the left or right pod would intermittently lose connection with the charging contact in the case, thus iPhone considers the pod is out of the case, and shows  “left behind” notification. You can also contact Apple and ask them for replacement of Case and this will fix the issue. 

“AirPods left behind” False Notification on iPhone X,Xr,XS Max, 11, 12,13 Pro Max , iPad Pro?

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Solution : Reboot iPhone

The False notification of Airpods missing could be due to a software glitch in the iPhone or the Airpods. To fix that try repairing the devices and reboot them to fix any software glitches.  

Solution: Turn off FindMy notification 

To fix false “AirPods left behind notification” you have option to disable those notifications in the Find My app.


Go to Find My > Devices > Tap on the device you want > and turn the “notify when left behind” toggle off.

Note that this will permanently turn off the notification, even in genuine case. 

Fix : Check Battery level

The notification “AirPods left behind” will also be shown if AirPods case battery is drained . It could be issue where AirPods are turning off the Bluetooth low energy connection randomly. Please ensure that Battery level of AirPods and Case is at good level. 

Further we recommend you to keeps updating the Apple devices, iPhone, Airpods to latest firmware release by Apple to get permanent fix for the issue. 

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