Unable to Add Card to Apple Pay “couldn’t add card”  after iOS 17 Update? Fix


After updating to latest iOS 17 many iPhone/ iPad are facing issue with the Apple that they are unable to add card to Apple Pay and while trying add card on iPhone on iOS 17, keeps on getting error “couldn’t add card”. There are so many issues reported with iOs 17 like poor battery performance , Grocery list not working iOS 17 etc, and this issue is not letting the iPhone users add card to their Apple Wallet after iOS 17. 

iOS 17 Unable to Add Card to Apple Pay iphone 14,13,12,11,XR,XS

The card was working fine on the iOS 16 but after updating to latest iOS 17, it asked to re add the card but due to some issue the card from some banks is not adding in wallet on Apple Pay. While trying to add debit/credit card to Apple Pay/wallet it keeps saying “couldn’t add card Try again later or contact your card issuer for more information” .

Why Apple Wallet is not adding Card : iOS 17/ iPhone 15,14,13,12,XS ?

The Apple wallet app is very secured app then have it’s own security parameter  before adding card or making payments. If you are unable to card on Apple wallet then may be due to issue in iOS 17 or some issue with your account on your Apple Pay/Wallet. Below are some possible reason if card is not adding on the Apple Pay/ Wallet:

How to fix Unable to Add Card on  Apple Pay/Wallet on iPhone after iOS 17 ? iPhone 15,14,13,12 Pro Max,11,Xr,XS,Mini.

iPhone 14 Pro max Unable to Add Card to Apple Pay on iOS 17.

Fix : Make sure the Bank details and iCloud details are same

One of the most common reason for failing to add card on the Apple Pay  after  iOS 17 update could be address mismatch on your billing address and iCloud address. Make surechange my details to the one matching my card.


If Apple ID billing address do not match up with the credit/debit card address. Then Apple may not add card or you may to wait sometime like 3-5 days so Apple doesn’t think you’re some scammer because you just changed your Apple ID information.

So try reviewing your address here: https://appleid.apple.com If it’s not correct or same as per billing address then make sure to update it, then try adding your cards again. 

Fix : Re add the Card

Another thing you can try to add card in Apple Pay is to add the card from scratch. Sometime due to some glitch the card may not be the added to Apple wallet after the iOS update and you will have to add the card from zero. 

Fix : Add through bank site

If your card is not adding in Apple Pay then Check your banks app and see if there’s an option to “add to wallet” also check if your bank supports Apple Pay. In case of some banks you have to add the card through your banks app not directly through Apple Wallet. Please contact your bank for exact details.


Fix : Reset iPhone setting

The new iOS 17 installed in iPhone  can cause some software glitch in Apple Wallet/Pay. To fix that you should try resetting iPhone setting to default

Go to Settings  > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset->Reset All settings. The iPhone will reboot multiple time in this process and please ensure to Not to chose “Erase All Content and Settings” option and you will not lose any data in this process.

Fix : Report and  Update the iOS 17

If none of the above solution help to fix unable to add card to Apple Pay “couldn’t add card” issue then please report the issue to Apple and wait for next patch release of iOS 17 for permanent fix. Hopefully fix  for such issue in iOS 17 will be released soon.

 Therefore ensure to keep your iPhone updated to latest iOS version available. 

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