Mausoleum Not Working- Elden Ring [Solved]?


Elden Ring by From Software is much loved single player combat game. The Gameplay is focused on combat and exploration, and the game was released in 2019 and now can be played on PC,PS 4and 5 and Xbox One/ series X. But recently many players are facing issue while playing the Game that mysterious creatures like Mausoleum is not working all the time. In some cases it does work and allow to duplicate but does not work most of the time.

Mausoleum Not Working- Elden Ring [Solved]?
Mausoleum Not Working

The Mausoleum issue is reported by many players as they are not able to  duplicate any remembrances . Both the Mausoleums in the Compound don’t let double Remembrances.

It is an annoying issue as players are stuck and are not able to duplicate. Restarting the Game does not seem to help and the player are unaware what to do for walking Mausoleum to work in the Game.

Why Elden Ring Mausoleum is not duplicating ?

It seems to be bug ine Elden Ring Game that only the ones with bells can duplicate them . Please note that the Mausoleum with bells can duplicate “great remembrances” but the others can dupe “smaller remembrances”, the ones you get from optional bosses that don’t have great runes.


The mausoleums “without bells” can be used to duplicate Remembrances of bosses that don’t have Great Runes, and you can get on the Mausoleum with the bell inside the lake by waiting (a lot) on the east of Raya Lucaria’s oriental gate where the tombstones come out of the wall, it will eventually get near the wall letting you jump on top of it

How Walking mausoleum duplication not working Elden Ring :Xbox, PS5, PC ?

Workaround : Change location to the Mausoleums, corresponding to the bosses in the area.

As the mausoleum  duplicating issue is reported as bug but there is a workaround to get rid of this. Many users who were facing the issue that first remembrance (Godrick’s) wasn’t showing up in mausoleums, were able to solved it by taking it to the mausoleum closest to his boss fight, which was in the weeping peninsula. This could be bug or it may be location dependent.  Hope This helps.

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