iPhone 15 Pro Callers can’t hear me on calls: iOS 17 ? [Read for Fix]


iPhone 15 users are facing issue during the calls that the caller cannot hear them. The issue is seen for incoming or outgoing calls. And while on call using AirPods, Bluetooth headset, speaker, or regular etc, the same issue is faced and the caller can not hear calls from iPhone 15.

Similar issue is also faced with the other versions of iPhone model like iPhone 14 Pro Max etc

iPhone 15 Pro Callers can't hear me on calls, fixed here

This is annoying issue with such an expensive device. Even calls from iPhone 15 are unreliable as the callers are not getting any audio. While some users reported the issue to Apple but Apple support is not acknowledging it as knows issue. (source 1)

How to fix if you are not able to hear caller or caller can’t hear you with iPhone 15 Pro Max ?

Mute /Unmute calls:

If you are not audible on iPhone 15 calls then this could be due to iPhone 15 is muted but not showing as “muted” on the screen. To fix that , while on call, tap on mute and unmute. You may have to do this four to five times to fix the issue. After this other  caller should be able to hear you. This seems to fix the issue for iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 Pro Max users as well.


 Hard reboot iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 not able to hear calls could be due to some software issue in iPhone and to fix that try hard rebooting the iPhone 15. Press the volume up button once> Press the volume down button once>Press the on/off button till the Apple logo appears.

Many users are able to fix the issue using a reboot to the iPhone 15. One user reported:

turned my iPhone 15 Pro off and back on but held the power button and let the Apple logo cycle 3 times before releasing on the 4th time it appeared. Then made a call and cycled the mute button on then off just to double down. Now the caller can hear me.”

Reset iPhone Network Settings :

If none of the above solution helped to fix iPhone 15 call sound issue then try resetting the iPhone to default. It will fix software glitch in your iPhone 15. To do that go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>TRANSFER OR RESET iPHONE >RESET> RESET NETWORK SETTINGS approach.


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