Spotify Playlist shuffle Not working  when connected to Bluetooth ? :iPhone/Android


Many Spotify users are reporting issue that Spotify Shuffle not working. Spotify will not shuffle any playlist/songs/library. Spotify cannot shuffle playlist when connected to Bluetooth in car. This is happening with the iPhone , Android phone etc. but majorly iPhone users are affected with the issue using CarPlay to play songs through Bluetooth.  

Spotify Shuffle not working with Bluetooth

The Shuffle stopped working in CarPlay and the issue started randomly as earlier it was working fine. This is annoying as the Spotify will choose a random song from the playlist and start there, but shuffle immediately turns off and Spotify keep playing next songs instead of random songs.

Even when the next song is played  manually by pressing “next”, shuffle button becomes disabled and the next song by order plays (non-shuffled). If you are also facing Spotify shuffle not working with Bluetooth device then below are some possible solutions to fix the issue.

How to fix Spotify Shuffle not working with Bluetooth iPhone/CarPlay/Android phone ?

A reason for Spotify songs shuffle not working is due to the car is overriding phone’s shuffle. To fix that you have to turn on shuffle through your car. For example in Mazda6, you can use the voice command (there is no setting through the media screen), say “shuffle”, then “all”. Your car will then shuffle the playlist for you. Then you can shuffle on and off through your phone.


There is a workaround to fix the Spotify shuffle which is to manually go to the Spotify app, deselect the shuffle option, and press it again. You will have to do it every time when connecting the Spotify to Bluetooth. This is weird by working solution to the problem.

If you keep seeing the issue with Spotify not shuffling the songs then this could be due to software bug or glitch in app or the phone. To fix that try reinstalling the app on your phone. Uninstall the Spotify app and reboot your phone. Once the phone is up , install the Spotify app from Appstore/PlayStore.

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