How to fix Discord Random People are shown in “Now Active” Tab ?


Some discord users are reporting issue random people are shown in the “Now Active” Tab. Those people are not friend even don’t have any mutual friends but still they are shown the “Now Active tab as live. There is no way to hide those from Discord.

“Discord's "Active Now" pane shows statuses from random people

The issue is seen on both Discord mobile app for iPhone/ Android phone and desktop app, the random people are continuously appearing in “Now Active” Feen and now matter how many time you refresh the feed they will keep appearing.

One reddit user reported

“Discord’s “Active Now” pane now shows statuses from people I don’t know”

If you are also seeing random people in our “Now Active” tab then this could be due to you have viewed their profiles or messaged them or share a common group and that is the reason why discord is showing their status to you.


Even the random people usually pops up in the feed if you’ve talked to once or even shared a mutual server which is really weird. It is quite bit privacy issue as well which Discord needs to address.

To disable the unknown people feed in discord try disabling by going to: Options -> Privacy & Safety -> Use Data to Customize my Discord Experience -> Off. It will disable strangers appearing on the home or Active Now menu, but you will still see friend activity.

If you feel like the this feature should not be there and Discord should stop showing random people in Active Now feed, then please report the issue to Discord support here.

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