Spotify No sound, Song skips after few seconds when playing from iPhone or iPad?


Many Spotify users are report issue with listening music one their Samsung, Apple, Sony TV that when a song starts, there’s no sound and then after 8-10 seconds, it skips.

Specially with iPhone/iPad and TV the issue is happening. For example while trying to play songs on Samsung smart TV & iPhone together, there is no sound  and after10 seconds have passed, it will still skip the song.

Spotify songs skipping after 10 seconds on TV

The issue also faced with Audiolab and Yamaha receiver.With iPhone /iPad after 10 seconds the Spotify song skips, but only when connected to Audiolab streamer.

Similar issue is faced with Sony Brivia Google Play & spotify app.  When user is using TV Spotify app and iPhone app together to listen to music on TV suddenly produces no sound and the songs skip after about 6 seconds to the next song and over and over.


Surly this is an annoying bug or issue with the Spotify app that started recently. To fix the issue some user tried reinstalling the Spotify App on TV but that does not seems to work.

What is working for the user to fix the issue by updating the TV to the newest firmware version . So check for any update pending for your Sony/Samsung and Google TV and always keep the firmware to latest version.

If still the Spotify Songs are getting auto skipped after few seconds you should try delete the app and clear the app data from the settings. If this also does not fix the issue then try hard reset and reinstall, To do that  unplugged TV from the power supply for at least 2 min and plug it back again. Now check again and the issue should be fix

Read more about how to hard reboot TV.


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