Why Facebook not loading reply on a comment ? iPhone/Android


The Facebook is now one of the fastest growing social media community and with millions of Fan pages, groups, you have chance to share your thoughts on social media directly. The Facebook is now also one of the biggest platform to grow you business, audience.

The Facebook comment section is always an interesting place for its users to discuss topic. But recently some issues are reported with Facebook comments not working properly on iPhone/ Android app.

Facebook not loading replies on a comment

A new issue with reported is Facebook not loading reply on a comment. Specially on a Facebook Page when someone reply on a comment, it does show that 2 replies are there, but nothing shows up after “2 replies” is clicked. Or sometimes the there are 10 replies on Facebook comment but when you click to see them it loads less like only 4 comments are shown.

This is a weird issue and annoying as many Facebook pages are getting important messages or reviews from the clients in the comments. Since the replies on a comment is not loading, hence it is making it hard to rely of Facebook for important conversations.


Why Facebook not loading reply on a comment and HOW to fix it ?

If after clicking on the Facebook comment reply, nothing shows up then this is due to many reasons. Commonly the Facebook comments are checked by Facebook Algorithms and if it is found again Facebook policy then it will be removed or now shown to some users depending upon your region, preferences etc.

Facebook can also hide reply on a comment from the users whose profile are reported with spam response many times on different pages/posts. The Facebook hides comments, replies belonging to hatred speech, adult content , spam links etc.

As a workaround to see replies on a comment on Facebook you can try opening the link in your PC/ web browser, as it seems to load more comments sometimes.

Also you try to toggle your network connection using a VPN software. Try using a VPN on your device and check if fixes the Facebook comment issue. If you are already using VPN, turn OFF VPN and check again.  


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