How to Fix Lock Screen Clock dims on iPhone 13/14 :iOS 17 ?


Many iPhone 14/13 users are reporting issue that the clock on the iPhone lock screen become dim. The issue started after updating to iOS 17 and majorly reported with in-depth wallpaper used on the lock screen of iPhone. 

The Clock and date on the lock screen are very faded with all different lock screen setting. Changing the wallpaper does not seems to fix the issue. And due to this issue the it is difficult to see time, specially on day time on the iPhone.

dim lock screen clock on iPhone 13,12

The affected iPhone users are able to fix the issue after rebooting the iPhone. A normal reboot to the iPhone seems to work and the lock screen clock does not get dimmed anymore.

This seem to be a bug in the iPhone as most of the iPhone models like iPhone 14,12,13 pro max etc. Surely the Apple needs to have a look on the issue and provide a fix in next release of iOS 17.


To disable clock getting dimmed on the Lock screen of iPhone, you need to go to iPhone Settings > Focus > [select one of the Focus modes] > Options (Parameters) > activate Dim Lock Screen (Darken under the lock). Once you disable it, the clock on the lock screen will not dim.

dim  lock screen clock on iPhone

If still the issue is not fixed then next solution would be to check brightness settings in the iPhone. Check iPhone Auto-Brightness (Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Auto-Brightness), True Tone (Settings > Display & Brightness), Auto-Lock (Settings > Display & Brightness). And see if changing these makes any difference for you.

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