How to Fix Facebook Marketplace Newly Listed Not Showing ?


Many Facebook marketplace users are reporting issue with it that Sort by new listings is not working Facebook Marketplace. When you search for something on the Facebook, then you are shown with “Sort by” option that lets you select newly listed items. As per Facebook the option to sort by date should be available but still the FB user are not able to see the option to filter items on date added.

Now on FB marketplace only option to sort are distance or price, but there is no option to sort the item “ sort by new”. The “Newly listed” option was there till recent time but suddenly the option is missing from the marketplace.+

sort by date option missing from FB marketplace 2023

It seems like the newly listed option is now disabled by the Facebook in some categories and regions. Sort By Date option is missing on different platforms like iPhone/ Web/ Android phone etc. The issue could be linked to browser settings in mostly the feature is added and removed by the Facebook as per their preference.

To get Facebook marketplace items sorted as date or newly added, you should try opening the Facebook Marketplace account on different devices like Desktop / Android phone/ Tab/ mobile phone. Facebook keep adding and removing the feature from different platforms.

option to show newly listed items missing from FB marketplace

Also try opening FB marketplace on different web browser on the desktop like Mozilla, Brave, Microsoft Edge as the marketplace may show sort by date option on different platforms.

If none of the above solution helps to fix the issue then you should try below listed workaround to show Facebook items sorted by Date:

Workaround to show Facebook items sorted by newly Added

You can below mentioned URL query to open the Facebook marketplace. This query / URL address will open the FB marketplace items in time descending.


Simply change the category (mentioned as electronics here) and once you open the above URL on the Desktop browser it will show result sorted as newly listed.

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