Pixel 6 Can’t Access Storage from Primary Account /Multiple Profile  ?


After installing to Android 14 many Pixel users are seeing storage issues causing problems throughout the phone. Due to this the users are unable to install or update the apps on the Pixel 6.

The issue is seen by user having multiple profile on their Pixel 6. All secondary account on the phone can access the storage but only the primary account is not able to access the storage in Pixel.

Pixel 6 Can't Access Storage from Primary Account /Multiple Profile  ?

The storage issue started after upgrading Pixel 6 to Android 14 and due to this many issue like camera app not taking picture due to low storage, are seen on the phone.

One user reported on Google forum:


“Android 14, Pixel 6 showing photos as gray box.. Device is virtually useless. Can’t install updates to any apps either, so that leads to some significant security concerns.”

source forum

The issue become severe for some user as they are unable to access any photos from their phone and while opening the gallery it is showing only grey boxes.

Again due to Android 14 update the Internal Storage dropped from 128GB to 4GB for Pixel phones.

Surprisingly the storage issue on Pixel 6 is happening with main users account only. If you have two user accounts on phone (like private and work). The issues affect the main user account, but the second account works flawlessly.

The reason why Pixel 6 phones storage is not accessible is due to /storage/emulated/0 is not mounted on boot.


If you are also not able to access storage Pixel 6 phone after Android 14, then you are not alone as lots of other users are seeing the issue. You should report the issue to Google for fix in the upcoming releases at https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/305766503?pli=1

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