How to fix Facebook Error “GraphQL Query Unauthorized” ?


Facebook recently is reported with many bugs and issues. One such issue is some Facebook users are not able to login to their account due to a unauthorised query popup. Many Facebook users are reporting issue while trying to access FB profile, they keep getting a pop-up that says

GraphQL query unauthorised

This query is unauthorised because a field’s permission check has failed.

Fix  facebook error GraphQL query unauthorized

The error started to occur randomly and lots of facebook users are facing this issue. Even while trying to access the Facebook messenger “GraphQL query unauthorised” error is shown and due to which the user don’t have access to DMs and can’t access chats. 


GraphQL query unauthorized error is seen on iPhone, Android phone. It issue also seen on the web version both on Chrome and Firefox Windows 10 and MacBook.

Some reports that the issue is with the messenger. While some people are arguing that the issue is due to ad blocker installed in PC or mobile.

Actually GraphQL query unauthorized error seems to be issue with the mass users and Facebook is working on the fix. Until the issue is fixed By Facebook or you are getting this error message, you can use the Messenger using the  work-around to open the messages from the URL

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