How to Fix Starfield Concealment challenge not Working or Counting damage ?


Many Starfield users are reporting bug in the game that while trying to finish the concealment challenge ,unarmed stealth strikes, but it no longer count anymore to the counter.

The issue is that the melee kills no longer getting counted. After unlocking rank 1 when you get a halfway to rank 2, and it’s just stopped counting the entirely and it is stuck at like 57/75.

Starfield Concealment challenge not Working

Even after getting damage message still the game refuses to count them. This is happening with different weapons and also if unarmed, still the same issue is seen with the Starfield Game.        

This is another bug on the starfield Game that needs to be patched by the Game Developers.


To fix Starfield concealment challenge not counting damages,  some users on forum suggested that they are able to fix the issue with a normal restart to the game. Make sure to save the Game before doing the reboot.

Other way to get damages count damages in Concealment is by doing unarmed sneak melee with fists. However, it does work on anything even Xenogrubs and the other random creatures on planets.

One reddit user reported that you have to hidden while attacking :

every melee attack or shot you make while hidden must end up not detected, and then you have to wait until you’re hidden again for the attack to count. Attacks while undetected will apply the damage buffs, but does not count toward the challenge if it’s not

Surely the Starfield should have look at the issue and provide a patch fix soon.


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