Standby Mode Turns OFF after few Seconds : iPhone 15 [Fix]


The new iOS 17 feature StandBy can make you iPhone as bedside clock, a digital photo frame, a display for viewing widgets. But while some iPhone users want to use the standby mode as a clock at night are reporting issue that the Standby Mode not staying on iPhone 15/14 Pro Max etc.

iphone  Standby Mode Turns OFF after a few seconds fix

This seems to be bug in the system as the Stand by screen goes off after approximately 30 seconds and only option is to tap or move my hand to get it back on.

One user reported on reddit

Standby feature is simply just inconsistent at the moment. Sometimes it works fine, but the majority of the time it doesn’t, and will turn off after 30 seconds

To make Standby Mode stay force restart, resetting the phone, checking the settings does not seem to help to fix the issue. The Standby turning off after few seconds is intermittent on iPhone and is seen with latest iOS 17.0.3 as well.


Some users have taken up the issue with the Apple support and the Support have acknowledged it as know issue and working on it

standby turning off issue

How to fix Standby Mode not staying ON iPhone 15 ?

Tilt your iPhone

Some users are able to get the Standby mode always turned ON by slightly changing position of iPhone on the Stand (eg Mag safe stand) and using a USB-C charger. This seem to keep the Standby lock up all night. This could be due to some software issue in the feature.

Turn off Night Mode

Some other reports from apple forums suggest that the issue could be due to Night Mode built into StandBy, which can be deactivated in Settings. A short time after entering Night Mode, StandBy turns off, so your screen is completely dark and does not disturb you, although this can be turned off in settings if you prefer.

Read this to know more about night mode in standby


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