Fix Screensaver keeps Coming On while watching Pluto TV ?


Pluto TV which is one of the leading free streaming television service is reported with issue. The issue is that on Google TV , TCL TV, Hisense HiSmart TV etc that the screensaver keeps coming on while watching Pluto TV. This is annoying issue as while watching the show the screensaver will come all the time.

Screensaver keeps Coming On while watching Pluto TV

One reddit user reported
TV suddenly cutting to the screensaver while watching stuff on PlutoTV. And so far it’s only been with this app as I don’t do much with the TV besides play games or stream that particular app

source reddit

To troubleshoot the issue many users tried clearing cache, data, uninstall and reinstall the PlutoTV app but nothing seems to work for now.

The issue started after an update on the Pluto TV and the update seem to be the reason which is causing the issue. The Pluto TV is reported with screensaver bug on different TV like Sony Bravia, Google TV etc. The issue is reported to the Pluto TV support and support team is working on a fix to resolve it.

The only workaround fix Pluto TV screensaver keeps coming is to change the channel on Pluto TV as the  issue seems to only be the first PlutoTV channel and when the screensaver appears you should go back to the app from the screensaver and change to another Pluto TV channel, it will play without any issues.  


Other option is to increae the sleep timer of TV. Open your TV Settings / System / Power has a timeout that you can disable or set to increased limit.

Permanent fix for the issue is expected in next release of Pluto TV and therefore you should keep checking for any updates of Pluto TV and update to latest versions.

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