iPhone Alarm issue With StandBy mode and How to fix them ?


Apple in iOS 17 have added StandBy mode which is a great for keeping your iPhone to show Time during night. But the StandBy feature is creating issue with Alarm on the iPhone. The iPhone alarm is not working properly when StandBy mode is active.

The alarm on iPhone is reported to have major issues in iOS 17 and using Standby Mode. This is happening with all iPhone models including iPhone 15,14,13 Pro max etc.

iPhone Alarm issue With StandBy mode

The iPhone user using Standby mode are missing their alarm and after waking up they are finding that alarm was off. When StandBy mode is active there is no option to snooze the alarm and the alarm goes off and as soon as user touch the the iPhone.

With StandBy mode is active, it is impossible to snooze an alarm once you touched your device, StandBy mode causes it to just cancels the alarm.


One user reported this issue iPhone 14 on apple forum

I’ve had the same issue when in standby mode. Was two hours late to work this morning so I took a look into it and sure enough the alarm gets canceled as soon as you touch the phone.

reddit user

The issue is more severe to other iPhone users as in some cases the iPhone Alarm doesn’t even sound when in standby mode. Specially when a text notification is received on the screen in standby mode then the alarm won’t sound, which is weird.

report from apple users on iPhone alarm issue with Standby

So basically,. An iPhone user on iOS 17 using StandBy mode is facing below issue with Alarm:

  • When Alarm goes off and as soon as you touch the phone, No snooze option .
  • iPhone Alarm doesn’t sound when in standby mode
  • Notification turns off Alram in StandBy mode on iPhone
  • The alarm sound is very low in StandBy mode on iOS 17

Why iPhone Alarm not making sound in StandBy mode ?

As there is no option to snooze the alarm in StandBy mode and accidental touch is turning off the Alarm, this seem to bug while adding the StandBy feature. This is a big miss from the Apple while adding StandBy feature, as one would want on a standby night mode is to have a clock and get alarms.

report from reddit users on iPhone alarm is not working when Standby is ON

How to fix Alarm issue in StandBy mode: iPhone 14,13,11,iOS 17  ?

Unfortunately there is no possible fix for the Alarm issue in StandBy mode and after contacting the Apple support, they are also not able to provide any workaround solution to fix the issue.

The Apple should fix the issue in  StandBy feature and the Standby Screen should automatically get hidden once the device is picked up and the regular alarm overlay should be displayed.

The only solution to get the alarm snooze is to keep StandBy off until this issue gets fixed by Apple in upcoming iOS releases. To turn on StandBy mode Go to iPhone “Settings” app.> “Display & Brightness.” >Locate the “Standby Mode” option and disable it.

Also keep checking for iOS 17 updates and install it on the iPhone for permanent fix for the issue.

You should also report issue to the Apple so that the issue may get escalated with many complaints :Product Feedback – Apple

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