Fix Unable to Login to DoorDash “Error calling geo service” : iPhone/ Android?


One of the biggest food delivery company DoorDash is reported with issue by many iPhone and Android users. Some users are facing issue while logging in the DoorDash account and it gives error saying “error calling geo-service” . The issue is seen while trying to login or after placing an order on DoorDash.

DoorDash “error calling geo service”

One users reported on reddit

“ placed order on the app and when I go check the order I get the below error. Tried logging out of the app and back in but same error happened. ”

source reddit

While some  other users while trying to place an order tells me “drop off location doesn’t exist”. The same issue is seen by user while trying any different address.

The DoorDash “error calling geo service” is reportedly linked to GPS system issue. The customer support of DoorDash seems like unaware of fix of the issue as one reddit user reported that the only thing to try is reinstalling the DoorDash app and rebooting the device.


What to do to fix DoorDash “error calling geo service”

If you are also getting DoorDash “error calling geo service” error then this is due to issue in server of Doordash in calling navigation services. This a why wrong information about user GPS location is picked up and thus have issue related to DoorDash services. The issue needs to be fixed by the DoorDash at their end and you should wait for few hours to get this issue resolved by the DoorDash support.

To Troubleshoot the issue you can try to toggle OFF and ON your location services and reboot your device. If the issue still persists then you should try reaching the customer care of DoorDash.

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