How to fix Shazam App keep crashing on iPhone 14/ iPad/ iOS 17 ?


Shazam which is one of the largest music streaming app is reported with issue on the iPhone and iPad devices. After the recent update on iPhone the Shazam app stopped working. The Shazam suddenly had this issue withe iPhone and is not opening no matter how many times you try for it.

There are many crashes reported with the Shazam app on the iPhone and iPad. While trying to open the app it simply crashes and disappears . Reinstalling the Shazam app does not seems to fix crashing issue on iPhone.

one user reported at apple forum:

I am unable to use Shazam. The app was working yesterday and stopped today, cause unknown? All other apps work fine. The app was deleted and reinstalled with no change.

Shazam App keep crashing on iPhone iPad 2023

The Shazam  app was working with iPhone prior to update but after the recent iOS update the app is crashing on almost all Apple devices.


This seems to be issue in compatibility on Shazam app with the iOS 17 versions. With new iOS release all app are supposed to make changes and release new update.

In the recent issue to fix Shazam App keep crashing or not working is due to text setting of iPhone. If in your iPhone the bold Text settings are ON, then this can cause the Shazam App to crash. Surely a bug htat Shazam developer needs to look at. To fix the issue on the iPhone try changing the text settings: Go to Settings, Accessibility, Display & Text Size & turn off bold text. After this the Shazam app should work normally.

This is just a workaround fix and permanent fix for the issue will be released by the Shazam developers in upcoming release 2023 and 2024. So keep checking for update on Appstore at

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