How to Fix iPhone Freeform data not synching with MacBook ?

How to fix sync with collaborators issue on Freeform Not working between iPhone/iPad/Mac


Many users are reporting  sync distortion using freeform between iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Specially the handwritten notes on the iPhone or iPad are not synching with the MacBook.

The issue is seem on the flagship iPhone 15 / iOS 17 and other iPhone models like iPhone 14/13 and iPad Pro  where Freeform not syncing across ipad, iphone and Mac?

iPhone Freeform data not synching with MacBook

This is not a new issue in the iPhone but earlier also such issues were reported with Freeform app on iPhone not able to share data with other Apple devices using iCloud collaboration.

How to sync iPhone Freeform data not synching with Mac ?

iCloud setting

To fix the issue first try to Toggle iCloud settings off than back on all devices. To Toggle iCloud settings go to settings app-your account-and look for Freeform app under iCloud. Toggle off iCloud for Freeform and reboot iPhone. Other than that you should also Restart All devices (iPhone/iPad and MacBook).


If this does not enable the sync on Freeform, you can try a workaround to initiate the sync. Make some modifications to the document on iPhone and after this it will start synching or try duplicated a Board on the iPhone that is not syncing and it should start synching now.

Turn off low Power mode :

The iCloud sync does not work when you have battery saver mode turn on the iPhone. When Low Power Mode is on, but some features might take longer to update or complete. Also, some tasks might not work until you turn off Low Power Mode. Go to iPhone settings-> battery and turn off  the low power mode and sync should start to work now.

If none of the above solution helps to fix the issue you should Apple Support: Contact – Official Apple Support

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