How to fix iPhone 15 Screen freezes randomly ?


Many iPhone 15 users are reporting that the iPhone 15 started occasionally getting a frozen screen. The issue is happening while on a call. The issue started randomly on the iPhone and nothing was changed much on iPhone 15, but it freezes randomly all the time.

The is a major issue for many users as around 80% of calls freeze on iPhone 15  and 15 Plus. The only way to unfreeze the screen on iPhone 15 is to lock the iPhone, but this will disconnect the call, and then the iPhone 15 stutters and begins working again.

what to do if iPhone 15 Screen freezes randomly

But after sometime it starts for freeze again which is quite annoying. The issue of frozen screen in iPhone is not a new issue but also seen in earlier iPhone 14 versions. The screen freezing issue in iPhone 15 is also happening while running some apps or sharing files/photos.

The screen freezing issue in iPhone  is due to software glitch in the iPhone 15 and to fix t that you should hard reboot it by pressing volume up -> volume down -> hold power button until shut down. After this the iPhone 15 should not freeze anymore.


If that does not work try resetting iPhone 15 settings to default. To do that Go to iPhone Settings app-> General->reset or transfer-> reset all settings. This will fix any setting related glitches in iPhone 15 causing it to freeze randomly.

If the issue still persists you should report the issue to Apple.

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