Peacock App Slow or Not working “Something Went Wrong” on Apple TV [Fix]


Peacock Web shows streaming  app seems to have issue with Apple users as the app is not working on Apple TV , iPhone and iPad. Peacock app have over 2 million installation on App Store but the app seem to have technical issues with the Apple devices and keeps showing “Something went wrong” Error.

The major issue is that the Peacock app is not able to load the shows and takes forever. It is taking Very long time to load a show in peacock and after recent update it started getting really slow like the app is freezing while trying to load the show. Sometimes when you click on a movie/video on peacock it keeps loading for like 10 minutes straight and sometimes it could not open/load on Apple Tv and say that “There was a problem loading the Peacock app. Try again”

Peacock App Slow Not working on Apple tV

Even after the user have received successful confirmation about subscription to Peacock from Apple, but none of the shows on Peacock will play on Apple TV. It appears the app and Apple TV do not synch.

Due to error on Peacock app it can’t stream any shows on peacock. This is annoying issue as  previews/trailers works , but when clicking play on any movie or tv show it just looks like it’s buffering.


There are other issues reported as well where a user pauses a movie/show the screen goes dark or to sleep and it’s very difficult to restart video.

Restarting Apple Tv, iPhone or deleting or reinstalling the app does not seems to fix the issue.

How to Fix Peacock App Not working “Something went wrong” Error : Apple TV/ iPhone/iPad

Reset settings

The first thing you should try to fix Peacock App not loading shows on Apple TV you should force logout from the Peacock account and Reinstall the App. There are good chances that it will fix the Peacock streaming issues on Apple TV. Further if you are using any VPN in your device or network the this could also create issue with the streaming app. Turn OFF VPN and try again to load Peacock shows.

If Peacock App still not working on your Apple TV then first try testing on different device like iPhone / Android phone and check if peacock account is working fine. If it works fine then the issue could be related to Apple TV and Peacock App.

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The Apple TV have some issues in playing Peacock App which could be a software bug and to fix that you will have to reset your Apple TV to factory settings. To do that On your Apple TV,

  1. Go to Apple TV Settings > System > Reset.
  2. Choose a reset , and this will reset the Apple TV to default settings.

Once the Apple TV reset is done you try opening the Peacock app again and it should load shows normally.

Remove Ad blocker

If the Peacock shows are stuck on loading then this could be issue with the Adblocker installed on your device or network.

If you running ad blockers, either in a browser, a network wide blocker (pihole, adguard home) or using an ad blocking DNS service then this could create issue with streaming service of Peacock. Make sure to check for any Adblocker installed in your device or network.

If still Peacock apps is not working then you should contact the support at

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