In App Purchase not Working on iPhone “Your Purchase Could Not be completed” [Fix]


Many iPhone users are facing issue while trying to purchase in in app game coin/ content and it always says Purchase Not completed error. The issue is with any App or Game installed on iPhone and while making any in app purchase, the purchase fails with the error.

The in-app purchase issue are seen with iOS 17 iPhone 14,15,13,12, iPad etc. and Games like Tower of Fantasy, COD coin purchase and not matter how many times you try the issue keeps repeating. The card linked to Apple ID seems to work fine for other payments , Appstore payments, but it is just in app purchases that fails with error “your purchase could not be completed (source reddit user )

how to fix iPhone 14  "Your Purchase Could Not be completed"
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One user reported

“Purchase could not be completed” message pops out every time I try to purchase any amount of cod points. my card is not a problem, I can easily buy from my Android phone but not from my iPhone 12.

reddit users

The iPhone users have updated their card info ( update your payment method or add a new one but still many users are not able to make in app purchase on the iPhone. From apple Support community discussion, it appear that the issue is due to some issue with Apple ID and bank card information.


Fix Unable to make in app purchase Your Purchase Could Not be completed in COD/ Apps/Game etc iPhone 14/iOS 17

If you are not able to make in app purchase on your iPhone or iPad, then this could be an Apple ID issue with your bank card. Try signing out of your Apple account and then signing back in and remove and readd the card. Now  try again to make the payment and it should work.

sign out from apple id to fix iPhone "Your Purchase Could Not be completed"
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The issue could also be due to some issue on Apple side and due to which the payments are not working on the Games/ IAP (in app purchases) . In this case you should wait for 2-3 days and after this the issue should get auto resolved. (source- reddit users    )

Also some Games with in-app purchases sometimes restrict the maximum amount of money that can be spent in a single day, so if you have already made purchase in the Game you should try waiting at least 24 hrs. and try again later.

If In app purchase is still not working on iPhone then as a workaround you can try buying from the Appstore and for permanent fix please Contact Apple Support.


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