Fix YouTube Shorts comments Not Loading /Opening Properly: PC/iPhone/Android


YouTube Shorts  have gain popularity over a short period of time, But some of its users are facing issue while reading comments on a YT short video. The YouTube Shorts comments on PC/ iPhone or Android are not opening. In some cases it loads one or two comments and after that YouTube Shorts just refuse to open more comments.

While for some users are complaining that YouTube shorts comments are not opening after clicking the comment button, some users are seeing the YT shorts app freezing while loading comments.

This is an annoying issue and seems like a bug in the YouTube Shorts on PC, iPhone or android phones.

YouTube Shorts comments Not Loading iPhone and PC

Workaround to fix YouTube Shorts  not Loading

Try different browser:

If YouTube Shorts are not working on PC or phone, then you can try opening the short in another web browser. The YouTube Shorts comment issue is not seen on all browsers.  Using Chrome and some YouTube shorts allow the comment section to open while others do not.


Log out from account:

There is another fix for YouTube Shorts not loading comment issue which is to watch shorts without logging in. Try logging out from your Google account on the device and comments should load properly.

Scroll to next Shorts:

 YouTube Shorts seem to have some issue with the comments as if the comments for a video is not loading then you can move to next short. Comments of current short can be seen from the previous one’s comments button. Which is weird but works as quick fix workaround .

Fix: Clear the cache

If YouTube Shorts comments are not showing then this could be issue with the browser on your Device. Try clearing browser cache of browser, go to Browser -> More tools-> Clear browsing data.->  “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files,” check the boxes.->Click Clear data.

Fix :Wait for sometime

The issue could be at server side of YouTube and in this case the issue will get automatically got fixed after sometime. Please wait for sometime to get the issue auto resolved.


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