3 Ways to fix Google Chrome Not Loading Website Graphics on Ubuntu?


Many users are reporting issue that after recent updates the Google Chrome is not working on Ubuntu. Google chrome is reportedly having issue on the not loading properly on Ubuntu after the recent update. Due to the issue the Graphics are not loading on Chrome and showing only blank screen.

This is annoying issue with Google Chrome as it is not loading website data on ubuntu special graphics and sometimes only showing black screen and sometimes only shows white screen. The issue is happening while opening any website on the Chrome.

Google Chrome not loading Website Graphics on Ubuntu

If you are also facing Chrome not loading any graphics, image or video on the Ubuntu after recent release then please try below listed solutions to fix the issue :

How to fix Google Chrome not loading Website Graphics on Ubuntu ?

Fix : Reinstall the Google Chrome by clearing the config file

The Google Chrome not working on Ubuntu is related to Graphic issue on the Chrome with Ubuntu. Which can be fixed by a reinstall on Chrome after clearing the config file

  • uninstall Chrome completely from ubuntu
  •  Type sudo apt purge google-chrome-stable 
  •  cd ~/.config && rm -rf google-chrome
  • uninstall Chrome on Ubuntu
  • Install the Chrome from the latest version from https://www.google.com/chrome/ by downloading the last .deb file from the official website.

Clear Graphic Cache

To fix chrome not loading media, Graphis  on ubuntu, you can bypass the issue by removing each affected user's GPUCache. To do that  clear the GPU cache of Chrome from the ubuntu. On the ubuntu using command line go to .config/google-chrome/Default/GPUCache and Remove any items or file found there using the command ~/.config/google-chrome/Default$ rm -rf GPUCache/

Disable hardware acceleration

The Google Chrome gives a option to use hardware acceleration and this feature is one of the common reason for many Graphic related issue in the Chrome.

 Try turning OFF the  “Use hardware acceleration when available” from Google Chrome settings-> Click on System.->, turn off the “Use hardware acceleration when available” toggle switch. Reboot the system and the Google chrome should start working fine on Ubuntu.

Turning off the Hardware acceleration is not recommended all the times, as it will  let do the graphical interface work and, more importantly, video decoding, is done by your CPU instead of your video card, thus you may not be able to play high resolution video on the Chrome.

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