Google Chrome slow and lags due to Efficiency Mode in Windows Task Manager [Fix]


After a recent update in Windows, new features “efficiency mode” is added where task manager can optimize the process or apps. But this feature seems to kill performance of Google Chrome and after this the Chrome has become very laggy and slowed down significantly.

Task manager on windows desktop  says that efficiency mode is active for certain but not all sub-processes of google chrome but this seem to hinder the Google Chrome a lot more.

Disabling the  efficiency mode for each individual sub-process works for sometimes, but it returns a few minutes later. Some users are suspecting it to linked to Chrome only as

Switching to Edge is exactly what Microsoft would like everyone to do.  It’s hard not to wonder if this “efficiency mode” problem isn’t designed to sabatage Chrome users.


This is annoying issue as the “Efficiency Mode’ locks up Chrome  every minute or so for 5 to 10 seconds. Every single “new” tab load takes a lot more time then previous.

Google Chrome slow and lags due to Efficiency Mode in Windows Task Manager [Fix]

How to fix Google Chrome getting slow or lagging due to efficiency mode : HP/DELL

There are some possible fix that you can try to fix Google Chrome getting slow due to efficiency mode in windows

Disable to Efficiency Mode 

Try disabling the Efficiency Mode for all the Chrome sub-processor from the Task Manager. This is a temporary solution until you close the browser. After system or browser restart the mode will get activated again. 

  1. Open the Task Manager app.
  2. Expand the Chrome app processes. 
  3. Right-click for the context menu where the Efficiency Mode
  4. Select the Efficiency Mode option from the menu to uncheck or disable
  5. Repeat the step #4 for all the sub-processes for disabling. 
Chrome slow and lags due to Efficiency Mode

Fix: launch Chrome from command line

If you try loading the Chrome using command line with parameters set to turn off the background process, this seems to give lot of improvement.


Launch Chrome using chrome.exe-disable-features=UseEcoQoSForBackgroundProcess and it will work faster.

If none of the above solution helped to fix the issue then you should report issue to Google.

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