How to fix Disney plus not streaming on Discord : Chrome/Edge/Safari ?


Many Discord user are reporting issue with streaming Disney plus and getting a black screen while trying to stream services . In some cases the Disney plus streaming will not load and become greyed out and sometime it would only load audio but not the video. (source 1).

The Google Chrome, Safari are also reported issue while playing Netflix or other streaming services on it. The issue can be on the browser side or the streaming servers side. Also a poor network can also cause issues like discord streaming not working with Disney plus.

Disney plus not streaming on Discord Chrome
image from discord

If you are also facing issue while  streaming Disney plus on Discord you should try below solution:

1 Turn off Hardware acceleration :

If you are not able to stream Disney+ on Discord then one solution you can try on Chrome is to disable hardware acceleration. There are many reports of chrome not able to load visual elements due to hardware acceleration setting (to know more read here).  


To turn off hardware acceleration  Open Chrome from three dots at top right corner-> Click on System. Under the “System” section, turn off the “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

2. Try different browser

To fix streaming Disney plus on Discord not working on Chrome and Safari, then to avoid any browser issue please try to use Discord on different browser Firefox or chromium.

3 Wait for sometime

The issue related to Discord streaming could be issue in network or server not responding. These issue are resolved automatically after 2-3 hours and all services like streaming should start working normally after that.

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