Apple Maps “My Guides and “favorites” Disappeared after iOS 17 update !

iPhone Users Lost “My Guides and “favorites” in Apple Maps after iOS 17!


iOS 17 has been released with many upgrades but there are some issue reported with the Apple Maps after the iOS 17 update. The issue is “My Guides and “favorites” is missing from iPhone after iOS 17 release. This is annoying issue as the Favorites on Maps get cleared out every time the phone reboots.

The iPhone user have put locations in Apple Maps but always disappear the next day. The issue was first reported in the iOS 16, but still exists in the iOS 17 and iPhone 14,13,12 Pro max etc.   The users are reported to have this issue with the Apple Map and there is no such issue reported with the Google Maps.

One user reported this issue as:

“on 17.0.2 now and just lost my favorites again after the update restart. Also lost the guides I had saved of which I am no longer able to recreate because after all they were guides of places to remember to check out on my travels.”


There are many other reports of bug in the Apple maps (source 2 )on iOS 17 and Apple should look into these issue soon and provide fix to its users. The impacted users have attempted to resolve the problem by changing various settings, rebooting the iPhone , hard reboot but to no avail.

How to fix iPhone Apple maps Favorites and My Guide keeps disappearing ?: iPhone 13,14 Pro max, iPad

Turn on The iCloud Maps backup :

To fix “My Guides and “favorites” keep disappearing from the iOS 17, make sure to have iCloud back of the Apple maps. To do that Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud, and make sure to toggle it OFF and ON. If it is turned off, turn it on and wait for a few minutes to see if your favorites and guides reappear from the backup.

Reset iPhone settings to reset Maps settings

The other solution that seems to fix the Apple maps issue on iPhone is to reset the iPhone settings again after iOS 17 install. It will fix any glitches in your iPhone. To do that On your iPhone, open the Settings app, then tap General > Transfer or Reset iPhone. Now Tap Reset > Reset Location & Privacy. If prompted, enter your passcode and reset.

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