Adobe Media Encoder Not Connecting to After Effects project ? [Fix]


The Adobe media encoder software is reported with issue after 2022 version update. Many uses are reporting issue that Adobe Media Encoder does not connect to After Effects project. While sending an AE composition to render in Media Encoder, nothing happens. This is a weird issue as Media Encoder opens but no composition shows on the screen. 

The media encoder issue is happening on MacBook M1, Pro , Windows version and started after the update and now does not connect to After effect.  The issue is not related to After effect and seems to be with the Media encoder as it does not encode anything.

ME issue on Adobe

How to fix Adobe Media Encoder not connecting to After Effects project

1.      For MAC users facing Adobe media encoder not working

After the recent update, the Apple OS seems to have issue with the Adobe suit. So to fix that,  Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab. Scroll down to a folder called “Full Disk Access” > Click the padlock and enter your user password.

change mac setting to fix Adobe Media Encoder Not Connecting

Now use the “+” button to add Adobe media encoder to this list. Do the same to the folder called “Files and Folders” After this restart your Mac media encoder should work normally.


2.      Workaround :

Other workaround to fix the Adobe media encoder not working is to  the composition to the media encoder from AE and then go to file>start queue in the Media Encoder menu.

3.      Rollback to older version

If None of the above solution helped you to fix the issue than you should try to Rollback to older version of Adobe encoder:

To do that, Go  into creative cloud > all apps > After Effects / Media Encoder “…” > other versions > first older version > install. Also, make sure to turn OFF the auto update settings until the issue is officially addressed by Adobe team.

Conclusion :

The Adobe media encoder seems to have some issue after the latest update specially with the MacBook computers and not encoding files. The issue is reported to Adobe team and hopefully a fix will arrive soon.


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