iPhone 15 Dynamic Island blocking /cutting off content on Apps ?


Many iPhone 15 users are facing issue with some apps like  Snapchat getting cut off  at upper part of the app. The app is covered and overlapping with Dynamic Island.  After iPhone 15 and iOS 17, on apps like Snapchat you will not be fully able to see the names on chats and when watching stories the top is blocked by the dynamic pill shape.

On iPhone 15 the names and other details on Snapchat get cut off by the dynamic island, similarly many other apps are facing same issue. Also when you view a snap it moves it to the top of the screen and you have a large black bar at the bottom of the screen which is very annoying.

Dynamic Island cutting off content iPhone 15

The Snapchat issue started after iPhone is updated to iOS 17 and it appears that everything has been shifted upwards and on the Snapchat screen you can see the time and battery indicator are overlapping on the Snapchat user screen.

Why Dynamic Island blocking /cutting off content on Apps iPhone 15 Plus ?

The Dynamic Island blocking /cutting off content on Apps is due to apps not updated for iPhone 15 Pro Max. The app developers need to change the apps to adjust as per iPhone 15 dynamic island setting. The apps seem to show their content in the safe area,  The safe area defines the area within a view that isn’t covered by a navigation bar, tab bar, toolbar, or other views a view controller might provide. The display layout available to apps is a little different on iPhone 15 Plus from previous models.

safe area iphone 15

How to fix Dynamic Island cutting off content on Apps on iPhone 15 ? Snapchat

If you are also facing issue with the Dynamic Island blocking /cutting off content on Apps, then you can try below listed possible solutions :

Fix : Use reachability to reach at the access top of the screen

iPhone offer to use it with one hand by lowering the top half of the screen. You can use this as workaround to access the top screen of apps.

Dynamic Island cutting off content iPhone 15

On your iPhone Go to Settings  > Accessibility > Touch, then turn on Reachability. To lower the top half of the scree-> Swipe down on the bottom edge of the screen. It will bring the iPhone screen to lower half and to return to the full screen, tap the upper half of the screen.

Fix : Report issue to the app developer

Dynamic Island cutting off app content is apparently due to the apps not updated for the iPhone 15 models. Many app developer are working on to fix the issue with the iPhone 15 and rolling out new updates with the fix for dynamic island covering app content. Please check on Appstore for new update of the app.


If the app is updated to latest version available on the Appstore and the issue persists, contact the app developer. Here is how to: Contact a third-party vendor – Apple Support.

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