Not Able to Set Purchased Ringtone as Text Tone on iPhone : iOS 17 ? [Fix]


Many iPhone users after updating to iOS 17 are reported an issue with the Custom tone not working and the purchased tone from iTunes are not showing. Therefore are unable to set purchased tone as the Text tone .

There are two different issue reported with the iTunes purchased Tones:

  1. After buying the ringtone from iTunes not able to assign it to a text tone on the contact but does not work on iOS 17
  2. After purchasing the ringtone ,the tone not showing in “sound and haptic” and “download all purchased tones”, the purchases don’t appear at all.
purchased tone from iTunes are not showing

The tone which is purchased a sound, (text tone) but the user can’t set it as my text message tone, even when showing up in downloaded ringtones but still not able to find the text tones set it.

Why Downloaded ringtone from iTunes is not showing in Text Tone : iOS 17 / iPhone 14

If you are unable to see the purchased tones in the iPhone then this is due an ongoing issue with iOS 17 where the custom tones are removed  from the iPhone. Now in iOS 17 you can not set the custom tone as text tone on an iPhone but with this it appears that the purchased tones are also not working in iOS 17, which appears to be bug and expect Apple to fix the issue in upcoming iOS 17 releases. Meanwhile you can try below possible fix :


Fix for Purchased Tone not showing in Text Tone

If the iTune purchased tone are not showing up in the Text Tone then you can try a workaround fix for it.

As the custom tones will not work in the iOS 17 but the text tones currently purchased in iTunes will continue to work. The workaround to fix is to update the Reingtone.plist. file. It may be little complicated to change the file but amending the file will start showing the purchase tones for the custom Text Tones.

To set previously purchased iTunes tones, check the purchased text tones are located in the /Media/Purchases directory. In order to be able to use custom text tones, you have to copy your tones into this directory and edit the Ringtone.plist in there and after this the purchased tone will start showing in Text tone.

Not Able to Set Purchased Ringtone as Text Tone on iPhone : iOS 17 ? [Fix]

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