How to fix some shows not load on Netflix ? Apple /Samsung TV


Some Netflix users are complaining that some shows do not load on the Netflix. The issue is for some specific shows not loading but are shown in the search or Netflix. This is annoying as some shows are not showing on one Netflix account anymore but works on other Netflix account? Netflix is working on its software for better service to its user but still in year we are seeing issue like shows not loading on Netflix.

The Netflix not loading some shows in seen across different TV models like , Samsung TV, LG TV. The issue is consistent and even after waiting for somedays the issue still exists for some shows on the Netflix.

some shows not load on Netflix

Why Netflix does not load some Shows / Movies?

  • the show itself may have been removed from the platform
  • Some technical glitch in the Netflix App
  • The Show or movie is not available in your region due to licensing restrictions or other legal reasons.

If Netflix is not showing you some of the shows then most likely it is due not being available in your country. Different shows will be available in different regions. Using a VPN,  probably the only way to get around your problem.

We have also listed below some common fix for Netflix not loading the Shows.


How to fix some shows not load on Netflix App, Samsung TV, LG TV ?

Fix 1: Restart the internet router

There might be some issue in the network and to fix that the most effective fix is to restart router. To restart your home internet router, unplug it for 30-60 seconds before plugging it back in.

Fix 2: Sign out & restart the Netflix app

Other common fix for show not loading on Netflix is to restart the app. This will ensure that updates are installed correctly and there is no other software glitch. Also always ensure to update the Netflix App and TV firmware to latest version to get latest bug fix.

Fix 3: Use VPN

Generally if a show does not load for you then the issue could be that the show is not available in your region or country. To can bypass the issue by using a VPN, but please read about VPN disadvantages before using VPN in your network.

Fix 4: Reinstall the App

If some shows are not loading in the Netflix then reinstalling the app can help you out. The shows on Netflix will not load due to different frame rate of TV and show. To fix that delete and reinstall the Netflix app. This is a working fix for some weeks or months, but after sometime Netflix may again encounter this issue and you will have to do the reinstall process again.


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