Where is Camscanner Saved Files Location ? iPhone/ Android


The Camscanner app recently launched in the year 2011 is a massive success and it have now more then 70 million active users. It offer a lots of great feature that you can enjoy with PDF files. But the user interface of the app seems to tricky for many users as they are not able to find the download folder on the Camsanner app on iPhone and Android. In this article we will illustrate about Camscanner app and where Camscanner saves files.

Where is Camscanner Saved Files Folder Location ?

Camscanner Saved Files Location

CamScanner images and PDFs are typically saved in the “CamScanner” folder on your Android mobile device. To open that you need to open File manager app on the Android app.

If you are not able to find the files in CamScanner folder then you may have set to save the files in memory card and scans would be saved to the following directory for Android phones  Android/data/com. intsig. camscanner/files/CamScanner

On iPhone to see saved file of Camscanner follow these steps. iPhone-> Open “My Files” app-> in the search box type “CamScanner”. The Camsanner folder should come up.


How to change saved file location in Camscanner?

On iPhone the Camscanner does not give permission to change the location to save files on it. However on Android phone you can select in setting whether you want to save the files in phone memory or Memory card. If you chose Phone memory the files will be saved in “Camscanner Folder” and if you chose SD card the files will be saved at Android/data/com. intsig. camscanner/files/CamScanner

How to Save CamScanner filed to Photos Gallery on your Phone.

If you quickly want to access your files in the Photo gallery on your phone then Camsanner also provide this option to save the scanned file in the photo Gallery. Open Camscanner App->Me->Scan->Turn off Auto save Scans to Photos. Now you scan will be save in the Gallery.

Camscanner Saved Files Folder Location

How to permanently delete file from Camscanner App on iPhone/Android ?

To remove old or unwanted files permanently from CamScanner open “My Doc” folder. Press the three dots on the top right of the screen and choose “select”. Then select the documents you wish to delete and press the trash can. Note that this will not remove the document from your device. If you downloaded the document directly to your device or saved it to a storage app. To remove it from your device or storage app, you will need to go to your download folder or the storage app and delete it from there permanently.

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