How to Fix Meta Business Suite App Not Working on iPhone/ Android


Meta Business Suite App Not Working on iPhone” ? Facebook or Meta have recently allowed their users to create a business page from where the users can control all their social media platforms lined to Meta. Like you are share a post on Facebook and Instagram from your Meta business Suit, all-in-one tool from Meta. The Meta business suit is available in app version on both major platforms, AppStore and PlayStore.

Recently many Meta business suite users are facing app not working on their phone including iPhone 14,13,12 and Android phones. There are different features that are not working properly on the Meta Business suit.

  • Photos are blocked on Meta business suite. For some reason, the app will not allow access to my photo gallery in order to post images from my phone.
  • Unable to Copy data on Meta business suite
  • auto- replied messages Not working in Meta business suite
  • Page missing from the Meta business suite
  • Meta business suite app don’t have the appointment
  • Facebook Meta Business Suite Not Working
  • “Shared photos” in my meta page inbox, to show full resolution photo, not working
  • All post not shown/ Post missing from the Meta Business suit app
Fix Meta Business Suite App Not Working on iPhone/ Android

Why Meta business suite App not working on iPhone / Android :

If Meta business suite app is not working then there could be many reasons for this. The major reasons could be

  • Meta business suite Server not working or under schedule maintenance.
  • Meta business suite app does not have necessary permission on your phone like access to photos
  • Meta business suite app is outdated
  • Your internet connection is poor or glitchy

How to fix Meta business suite App not working on iPhone/Android?

If Business suit app is not working on your iPhone or some features of it are not working properly then you should try below possible fix.  


Fix Clear Cache of Business Suit Mobile App

If Meta business suite App Not Working on the Android phone then easy fix is to clear the cache of business suite App from the phone settings. To clear the cache of Meta business suite App (only Android phone), Go to > Settings > Apps > business suite > Clear Cache and data. Reboot the phone and check if this fixes the issue.

On your iPhone to fix the Meta business app not working you should delete the app from the iPhone. Reboot the iPhone and download the suit app from the Appstore again. Login back and check if this fixes your issue.

Fix  Disable VPN on your phone

If you using any VPN software in your iPhone then this could cause Meta Business suit app Not working.   Most of the apps work on secured connection and VPN changes the IP address frequently. Hence the Meta account may block some features on VPN network. Therefore always Disable VPN on your phone while accessing Meta Business suit app.

Fix. Restart the iPhone

One easy step to fix Meta business suite App Not Working on iPhone is to simply restart the iPhone. Restarting the device will fix many software glitches in the app .


Conclusion: Hope this article “Meta business suite App Not Working” helped you to understand the issue and helped you? Do tell us by commenting below.

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