How to fix iPhone Call Dropping Sfter 2-3/few Minutes ?

iPhone Call Dropping after 2-3/few minutes

iPhone Call Dropping after 2-3/few minutes : Many iPhone users are facing issue while making calls on the iPhone that the iPhone dropping calls every 1/2/3/4 or 15 minutes. The frequent call drop after few minutes started after recent update and the issue is permanent. The iPhone users are facing the issue for few days and even months but the iPhone call is dropping after 2 to 3 minutes, which is a weird and annoying issue . Welcome to our stie SkyLineStudy and this article we will see how to fix iPhone call disconnecting after few minutes.

The call work fine in starting but after sometime / minutes the loudspeaker is automatically gets on and the call drops. Usually the iPhone calls are dropping after every 2-3 min after recent iOS16/ iOS 17 update.

Call dropping issue are normal on iPhone models but this issue is of different type as the iPhone call drops after1-5 minutes. The behavior is same that the loudspeaker automatically gets on and after 1-2 sec call drops. This iPhone call drop Problem started before last 2-3 iOS updates.

iPhone Call Dropping after 2-3/few minutes, iPhone 11,12,13,14 Call Dropping after 2-3 minutes

Why iPhone iPhone Call dropping after few minutes ?

If the iPhone call dropping after 2/3/4/5(few) minutes then this could be due to many reasons. But since the iPhone call drops after 2-.mionuts started after the iOS update, thus the update might have broken something in the iPhone causing the call drop issue in iPhone 14/13/11 ,XS Max etc. In General we have listed below possible reason why iPhone is dropping calls after 1-2 minutes:

  •  iPhone glitches may cause calls to drop randomly. These are generally linked to setting of iPhone
  • iOS update Any update during the update or after update issue may also cause some functionality related issue.
  • Network Carrier Provider Error: If there are some ongoing issue in the network or Carrier service then you may see frequent call drop in the iPhone. It was disconnecting at 4 minutes earlier and it go down to 2 minutes now

How to fix iPhone Call dropping after 2-3 minutes? : iPhone 14/15/13/12/11/XS

Fix: Chek Audio settings

If your iPhone is dropping calls after few minutes then Voiceover audio settings can fix it which may have bee affected with the latest iOS update. To fix that

  • Go to iPhone setting 
  • Go to Accessibility
  • Tap on Voiceover
  • Tap on Audio
  • And turn off auto-select speaker incoming calls
  • Reboot your phone and check if this fixes the issue

Fix : iPhone Call Drop due to Siri Issue

iPhone call drop after 2-3 minutes is linked to Siri settings. After the update the Siri setting have been reported to cause the iPhone frequent calls drops after few minutes.

In the recent iOS there is Siri bug that is causing it to Hang-up the calls. To fix call dropping in few minutes on the iPhone,  go to Settings> Accessibility > SIRI > Call Hang-Up: Turn it OFF.This seems to fix the issue for most of the iPhone users facing issues.

Fix iPhone Call Dropping after few minutes

Fix: General Troubleshooting

If above solution does not help to fix iPhone dropping calls after few minutes then you should try some general troubleshooting steps:

  • Try removing sim and cleaning it.
  • Turning Aeroplan mode on and off.
  •  Tried resetting network settings of iPhone. Go to Setting->General->Transfer or reset iPhone->Reset Network settings. This will Not  remove any data from your iPhone
  • Hard reboot your iPhone.

Fix : Contact Call carrier Provider

If still the “iPhone is dropping calls after few minutes” then you should also contact your network carrier provider as any pending updates from the carrier can also impact the call dropping on iPhone. You may also ask to replace the SIM card.

Fix : Report issue to Apple

If still you are not able to get a fix for iPhone random call drop after few minutes then you should report the issue to Apple for permanent fix.

  1. Go Here: Feedback – iPhone – Apple
  2. Select: Bug Report” for the “Feedback Type
  3. Comment: on this fix you have come across. Inform Apple of how troubleshot this, and the steps to get to the fix. Include


Hope this article “fix iPhone Call dropping after 2-3/few minutes” helped you to understand the issue and helped you? Do tell us by commenting in below section .   

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