How to fix BBC News Website Image Not Showing ?


Many BBC new reader are reporting issue that the all BBC images are not showing. The issue is happening majorly for Google Chrome users. The BBC new website stopped showing images. This is not specific to one device and on iPhone, Android phone, Windows etc. same issue is seen and only first images is shown on the website while rest of the images are missing. This is a weird issue as blank space is shown in place of images on the BBC. The issue can be seen on every post of BBC News and the images keeps disappearing randomly.

The BBC news pages were showing all images normally till now but recently the images are not showing only on BBC website on tablet, Android phone, iPhone & iPad etc. . While the images are loading fine for other websites. The images missing for BBC is intermittent. Majorly mobile devices are affected with the issue. The issue is surely annoying as it is important to have images on the news  websites.

BBC website images not showing

How to fix images Not displaying in BBC Website on Google Chrome :

If you are also facing images missing from BBC website on the Google Chrome than a quick fix is to clear the cache and data from the Chrome browser on Android phone.

If you facing issue on the iPhone then reinstalling the Chrome may fix the issue. The issue is seen after latest release of Google Chrome update on the Phones. Meanwhile to see BBC website normally with all website images you can install the Firefox browser. The  Firefox browser  app seems to displays all images normally for BBC.


The issue seems to be from BBC website and Chrome, so for permanent fix, please wait for sometimes to get issue auto resolved.

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