How to fix Onlyfans Videos Not Playing on iPhone/Android ?


Onlyfans is now one of the largest personal media sharing platforms. But recently some users are reporting that they are not able to view video on Onlyfans as the video is not loading.

Many Onlyfans users are facing issue while trying to play video on it as the Videos is not loading or playing on their phone including iPhone 14,13 and Android, OnePlus phones etc. The Onlyfans media is not loading for the mobile users. The issue is also faced by PC users also as Onlyfans media is not loading Across Firefox, Chrome, and Opera on Samsung 21s Ultra etc.

How to fix Onlyfans Videos Not Playing on iPhone/Android ?
OnlyFans media not loading

There can be many reason for onlyfans not loading media properly and most common is unstable internet connection. But in this case user on high internet speed Wi-Fi are also facing this issue. We have listed some possible fix for the issue below:

How to fix Onlyfans Not loading video : iPhone/ Android ?

Fix : Remove ad blocker

If you have installed any third party ad blocker on your phone or the browser then this could casue the Onlyfans to not load the video properly. Try removing ad blockers and check again. You can know if you have any installed ad blocker following these steps.


Fix : Turn VPN OFF

Other reason why Onlyfans is not working for you could be due to VPN installed in your phone or PC. Try turning off VPN services and check again the video on onlyfans. If this does not work try on diffrent network connection available like mobile data/WiFi etc

Fix : Try Bing App

For some users who are unable to play Onlyfans video on iPhone, Android, Chrome etc were able to play the video on Bing. Unfortunately it works only with Bing App and not with Bing Browsers.

Fix : Check Privacy protection

In the Onlyfans website you have option to control the privacy protection. If Onlyfans is not loading for you then click the privacy protection button in the right of the search bar (the little shield icon) and turn of tracker blocking and after this the onlyfans should work.

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