How to fix Apple CarPlay not responding to Steering Controls?


CarPlay is great feature from Apple to use iPhone/iPad while driving your car. Specially it is great handy tool to listen music from your iPhone directly on Car Speakers. But recently many iPhone 14,13, iPad users are reporting issue with CarPlay not working with Steering wheel controls. After pressing the next, skip button on steering of car the CarPlay is not responding. The issue is faced by different car users like Mercedes, RAV4,HONDA, BMW, TOYOTA etc.

How to fix Apple CarPlay not responding to Steering Controls?
Apple CarPlay not working with stereo Controls?

The issue started after latest iOS update and some particular commands are not working on the CarPlay like Next button nor responding. It is surprising to see that the other buttons are working fine on the CarPlay but specifically some of button are not working. Apart from this CarPlay users are facing connectivity issue that the CarPlay keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every 2-3 seconds.  If you are also facing such issue then you should try below fixes.

How to fix CarPlay not responding to Steering controls ? : iPhone 13,14 Pro, iOS 16.5

Fix : Reconnect CarPlay

To fix Car Steering not working with Carplay, you should reset CarPlay on iPhone. First Remove th Car  and readd the car again to iPhone CarPlay. This should fix the connection issue and the CarPlay should work normally .


Fix : Reset Car Audio

Other solution to fix Steering controls not working with CarPlay is to reset the Car’s audio system to default. In the Car Audio system , Go to setting and look for system reset option. This will reset all default configurations . After this reconnect the CarPlay and check if this fixes issue for you.

If above solution does not helps you then you should contact iPhone support and you car dealership to enquire more about the issue.

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