Brave Showing ads on Youtube [Fix] : MacBook/PC?


Brave browser which is an open source browser is becoming famous Day by Day among user worldwide. Most of the users are using brave browser as it will block advertisement from any ad source. It does a great job with blocking advertisements including Google, YouTube ads.

Brave Showing ads on Youtube [Fix] : MacBook/PC?
Brave showing Youtube ads 2023

But recently many users are facing issue that brave browser is showing ads to them. This is weird because the browser was never showing any ads on any website. But specifically on YouTube ads are playing fine on brave browser.

Why Youtube ads in Brave browser?

In most of the cases if brief browser fails to stop blocking ads, this is because YouTube have made some changes here and there in their platforms/ code due to which the Brave browser is failing to block ads on Youtube. There can be other reasons also like some functionality fail in brave browser.

How to fix Brave starts showing ads on Youtube :

As mentioned above the Brave showing ads could be linked to some software glitch in the Brave or your computer settings. To fix that please check below steps :

  1. On the Brave try Clearing Cache, cookies in chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
  2. Brave: chrome://net-internals/#dns -> Clear host cache
  3. Brave: chrome://net-internals/#sockets -> Select Close idle sockets, and click Flush socket pools
  4. Brave: chrome://settings/onStartup -> Open New Tab on startup (to prevent loading caching on startup)
  5. Now add the filter rules from below into your Browser/extension. (See the headings, Brave )
  6. Refresh the Youtube website, and re-login (since clearing cookies)
  7. Once these are done ^. Hopefully the youtube ads are gone. Please let us know in the comment sections.


  1. Open brave://adblock
  2. Add the following rules (one rule per line).
    • Or alternatively just add Fanboy Annoyances filter List via brave://adblock, which has these rules.

||^$csp=worker-src ‘none’

||^$csp=worker-src ‘none’, 2.playerResponse.adPlacements playerResponse.adPlacements playerResponse.playerAds adPlacements playerAds), 2.playerResponse.adPlacements), playerResponse.adPlacements), playerResponse.playerAds), ytInitialPlayerResponse.adPlacements, null)

To meet the new changes done by Youtube browser, Brave developers are continuously doing changes in the Brave. Alternatively please update the Brave browser in you laptop/PC to latest version to get latest features of Brave browser. 

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