What is Green dot on Chromecast Google TV and how to turn it OFF?


Google TV with in-buit Chromecast is much liked product which lets you cast your Android, iPhone. But recently some Chromecast Google TV users are reporting issue that they are seeing a green dot on top right corner of the Google TV Green dot on screen all the time . The issue is not app specific but happens while using different app with Chromecast like Netflix or Disney+ app.

Green mic dot sticks on TV seems to be issue with Android TV and Google TV and starts to happened recently. In this article we will see what is causing Green dot in Google TV Chromecast and how can you turn it off.

What is Green dot on Chromecast Google TV and how to turn it OFF?
Google Chromecast Green dot on screen

What is Green dot on Chromecast Google TV:

The green dot on Chromecast with Google TV will appear when you do a voice search. Generally the green dot appears on Chromecast when Camera or microphone is being used, but now even after when users microphone has finished recording and the green light stays on, which is bothering to many users as it appears that the Google TV is still listening.

The issue is faced by Android TV, Google TV owners with Chromecast’s assistant. The Green dot on top of Chromecast Google TV not Going away. Restarting seems to have fixed it for me, until you use your mic, then it will reappear. This seems to be a bug where the green dot does not go away. As per some reports the issue started after the latest April security patch update of Chromecast and seems to be bug.


How to fix Permanent Green Dot on Top of Google TV ,Chromecast ?

While some Chromecast Google TV users are able to fix the issue after restarting the Google TV/Android TV but until you use your mic again, the green dot reappears. The possible way to fix the issue now is disabling access to the microphone in the Google TV settings will fix the issue.

To disable microphone access to Chromecast Google TC :

  • Hold down the home button to quickly access the settings menu.
  • Click on “Privacy”.
  • Click on “Microphone”.
  • Click the toggle to disable “Microphone access for all apps”.

Please note that after this you won’t be able to use voice control on Chromecast. Further, you should keep checking for Chromecast/Google TV firmware update for permanent fix for the issue. After applying new updating revert above settings and check back again if the update fixes the issue.


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