Why my Tiktok video stuck at 200 to 1000 views ?


TikTok is now one of the largest video sharing platforms across world. There are number of content creators who are making videos online to reach their audience. Recently many Tiktok content creators are reporting issue that that Tiktok is stuck at limited views and after that no more views are received on that video. 

Why my Tiktok video stuck at 200 to 1000 views ?
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There are different queries which are faced by Tiktok users like:

  • tiktok views stuck at 200 2023
  • tiktok  not getting more than 200 views
  • tiktok stuck at 150 views
  • tiktok video stuck at 500 views
  • tiktok views stopped at 600

In this article we will describe common reason why tiktok video is not getting many likes or stuck at few hundred views: 

Why My Tiktok video is not Getting more than few hundred views:

TikTok Algorithm 

Tiktok will always try to make it an app for great video and entertainment. So its video selection algorithm will work accorIf Tiktok videos are not getting higher views than 200 or 300 then this could be issue with the content. Once you publish your video on Tiktok then Tiktok will show it to some of users around 200 or 300 and based on their response ( Like rate, Completion rate, comments , sharing etc) the video will be categorised as engaging or not. 


If your video is not having value to share across or nobody is watching is completely then Tiktok algorithm will stop showing your video to its users. The tiktok video should be highly engaging and relevant to the users. 

Policy breach Issue: 

Please check if the content created by you do not breach any of the TikTok terms and conditions. If you are making video on any topic which is not allowed on the platform then your video will not be shown and this can even lead to termination of your account. 

How to get more views on TikTok :

Make Content Engaging :

The most common reason why you are not getting more than 200 to 400 views on your TikTok video is due to its quality , selection of topic and communication techniques. Here are few tips that you should consider while making Tiktok videos for more video views:

  1. Use relevant Name to video : make sure that the Name or details your write for video is well describing about video as this will be used by algorithm to select the initial audience.
  2. Make sure to use captions : Ensure to add TikTok video with caption and fill it with the keyword which describes your video best. 
  3. Use Proper Hashtags: Make sure you do not lack in using hashtag with proper category. Tiktok uses hashtag to categorise the videos  

Hope this article helps to understand why Tiktok video is stuck at 150 or 500 views and how to increase TikTok views. 


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