How to fix HULU app No Sound issue on iPhone 14/13

Many iPhone users are reporting issue while using HULU app on the iPhone that the in HULU app on iPhone the volume is not working. The issue started randomly and all of sudden sound stops on the HULU app. Rebooting the phone or restarting the app does not seems to help to fix the issue.

HULU app no sound issue iPhone

To fix HULU app no sound issue in the HULU app, look for audio or sound settings. Turn off any customized mute options, enable audio, and adjust the volume sliders to increase volume. Check notification settings for the app. Now restart the HUL app and see if the sound is back normal.

Other troubleshooting steps to fix HUL

1. Use the Volume Buttons on the side of your iPhone, press the top Volume Button and listen for sound.

2. Also check if the Mute Switch on the side of your iPhone is activated. If it is red, your iPhone is on Silent. Silent shouldn’t mute the sound in apps, but check anyway.

3. Check if your iPhone is connected to a Bluetooth device so that the sound is played through it and not in your iPhone’s speakers. Check it here Settings Bluetooth.

6. Try restarting your iPhone or updating it to latest version

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