How to fix Google TV app keeps opening up constantly, even after force stopping it ?

Google TV is now one of the most fastest growing in the industry and millions of user are using it on regular basis. But there are lots of issue faced by the users Google TV users and one latest such issue faced by the user is Google TV app keeps popping up, and there does not seems to be a permanent way to close it.

The Google TV app intrusively opens up constantly which is quite annoying. Even when trying to force close the app it does not work. Force closing the app will fix the issue temporarily but the Google TV app will pop up again after sometime.

Stop Google TV app from randomly popping up
To fix the Google TV app popping up randomly you can try below mentioned steps:
  1. Check for any pending notification in Google TV app.
  2. Check for pending updates in Android play store for the Google TV app. If so, please update the app to latest version.
  3. Turn off Notification permission for the Google Tv App in Settings
  4. If none of the above mentioned steps helps you then last option is uninstalling the app:

Hope this help, please let us know in comment section.

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