How to fix ‘duplicate’ Photos option not available after iOS 16 ?


The iOS 16 have released with many new feature like lock screen widget. But many users are reporting bugs with the iOS 16 regarding poor battery issue or some of the feature not working at all after iOS 16.

One such issue is faced with the new feature called duplicate photos in iOS 16. The iOS 16 lest users select and merge duplicate phots and save a lot of space in their iPhone.

How to fix 'duplicate' Photos option not available after iOS 16 ?
iOS 16 duplicate photo option missing : iPhone 11, Xs

But after upgrading to the latest iOS 16 the duplicate photo option is not working on iPhone 13,12, XS etc. In the Album app there is no option to view duplicate photos in iOS 16 , which is quite annoying as the some other user on same iPhone is seeing the duplicate photo option. 

Why iPhone is not showing Duplicate Photo Option in iOS 16 :


If you are not seeing the duplicate photos option after upgrading to iOS 16 then this could be due to many reason but most common reason is that the photos are not indexed in your iPhone. The Photos needs to index first. Plug iPhone to power and make sure it is connected to WiFi and it will do this automatically. 

Or other thing can be because you probably don’t have duplicates or duplicate images in iPhone thus not seeing duplicate Photos options. 

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