iPhone XR Touch Not Working on iOS 16 ? [Fix]


Many iPhone users after updating their iPhone XR, XS, X, 12 are reporting issue with the touch of the iPhone screen becoming unresponsive. The issue started after updating the iPhone to iOS 16. The iPhone touch screen is operating randomly on iOs 16. Like sometimes when you touch one icon and another is selected, cannot put correct numbers in to make a phone call etc. Same issue on iPhone X, iPhone 11 after updates touchscreen is totally useless.

iPhone XR Touch Not Working on iOS 16 ? [Fix]
iOS 16 ghost touch issue
Some of the common issue faced are like :
  • iPhone keyboard  is ghosting/mistyping with iOS 16.
  • The touch responsiveness is lagging/failing sometimes on iOS 16/ iPhone.
  • Once every 16-24 hours the swiping gestures do not respond at all and to fix the hard reset is the only option.

In most of the cases who have changed the iPhone screen are facing the issue more frequently. If you have screen replaced iPhone by a third party then you will possibly see the issue after iOS 16.

The issue is new and reported to apple and permanent fix for the issue can be expected in next release. As a quick workaround you can try below possible solution.

To fix iOS 16 Touch screen not working/ Ghost Touch issue :

Go to iPhone Settings>Touch Accessibility>Touch accommodation (Turn on Touch Accommodation) > Initial Touch Location> Swipe Gestures (Turn on Swipe Gestures) >”Standard”. After this iPhone ghost touch issue should be fixed.


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