How to fix Stardew multiplayer not working ?


Many Stardew users are facing issue with the Game that they are not able to play the multiplayer. the get invite code button is missing as well as the ‘join with invite code and refresh buttons in the main menu. 

How to fix Stardew multiplayer not working ?

The issue started recently with the Game and all of sudden users are not able to play multiplayer on StardewValley anymore. Player can  play local co-op, but cannot join each other’s farms. The issue is seen in Windows 10 and Windows 11 , MacBook , xbox, PS4 as well.

 If you are also facing issue with the Stardew Valley multiplayer feature not working then please try below possible fix for the issue : 

Try Troubleshooting steps :

Make sure the game is started in co-op mode in the same way that normally start it


– Restarted computer

– Completely turned off Windows Defender and Firewalls

– Logout and login back in Steam account

– Changed name on steam


– Reinstalled vcredist_x86

  • Moved Stardew Valley to a different hard drive

Workaround for Steam users:

Turn on steam -> choose view friend list in the lower corner of the screen -> expand your nick and choose offline -> turn on stardew valley -> if you don’t see your invite code in multiplayer, this method doesn’t work. If you see invite code, go to online and play.

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