How to fix Microsoft Teams spell check Not working ?


Office365 user running on Windows 10 are reporting that teams spell check is not working. The teams is not underlining the misspelled words. The issue is more frequent to those user who are using teams in two language 

How to fix Microsoft Teams spell check Not working ?
Microsoft team spell check not working 2022

Many Teams users are facing issue with the spell check feature not working properly. Microsoft teams spell check not working 2022. The issue is seen only on the desktop version of the Microsoft Teams, however it works perfectly on the phone versions. Some users tried to restart the teams and deleted Deleted the content of the C:\Users\appdata\roaming\Microsoft\teams\dictionaries folder, restarted Teams, but the issue persisted.

How to fix Team Spell check Not Working /Microsoft Teams spell check suggestions not working ? 

Fix 1: Check Spell check service of Teams 

If Teams spell is not working on Windows client then please try below steps to fix it. Please Check if spellCheckerService may be trying to initialize using a different language. 

– Please check log.txt file located in “C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams” folder.


– If it says  I found the following error “error — spellCheckerService initialization failed: Message: es-419 is not a valid language code”

Which means es-49 (Spanish – Latin America) is not supported by the spellCheckerService.

–  Now remove Spanish – Latin America configuration from the preferred languages in Windows. Go to Windows Settings -> Time & Language -> Language -> Preferred Languages

  • Restarted the computer.  

Even when English-US is the default language in computer. Yet, Teams tried to set the Spell Check service to Spanish Latin America for some reason.


Fix 2: Delete .bdic file 

Another possible way to fix spell check not working on team is to delete .bdic file from dictionary. 

  • delete the file located at C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\dictionaries\en-US.bdic and restarted Teams.

Now restart the teams and it should fix the issue

Fix 3 : Reinstall the teams 

If none of the above solution helped you then yon can try to reinstall the Teams

Uninstall Teams from the computer then delete the Microsoft Teams folder from C:\Users\<USERPROFILE>\appdata\roaming and the Teams folder from C:\Users\<USERPROFILE>\appdata\roaming\Microsoft.  After deleting these software reinstall the office and the issue should be fixed now and spell check service should work normally. 

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