Keyboard Toggling to Numeric ‘123’ mode Randomly on iPhone 13 Pro ?


Apple new iPhone 13 Pro has many upgrades from earlier version of iPhone, which comes with many new feature and great camera. But Recently some iPhone 13 users are complaining about its keyboard bug , due to which it keeps switching between different modes on its own. Due to this bug typing on the iPhone 13 is difficult as it will start typing in numeric. Resetting or rebooting the iPhone does not seems to help and iPhone 13 is typing random wrong numeric’s.the issue more frequent on iPhone 13 and not seen on other older iPhone versions.

Keyboard Toggling to Numeric '123' mode Randomly on iPhone 13 Pro ?

The iPhone 13 keyboard is switching on its own from numeric to alphabetical . The iPhone 13 keyboard will randomly go to “123” numeric mode and then switch back to “abc” alphabetical mode and it is almost impossible to write anything on iPhone 13 keyboard. While typing anything on the keyboard the iPhone 13 will type mix numeric and alphabetic like t2412 i3 kad0 ajd90a0.

Why iPhone 13 Keyboard is Typing in Numeric ?

Many iPhone 13 users reports this as a software bug, but as the issue regarding keyboard layout changes / mode changes is not yet acknowledged by the Apple as hardware of software issue. As per some reports the iPhone 13 keyboard bug is related to the design of iPhone 13. If you see closely there is not enough gap between keyboard and edge of phone so it’s your hand tapping the shift key that triggers the numbers.

How to fix iPhone 13 from auto switching different Keybpard mode :

Since the issue is due to narrow gap between iPhone and accidental small touch are causing the issue , in order to fix it easy solution is to get a iPhone case that provides a little gap, asit might help.


The issue was fixed when I put a case on my 13. Without a case it seems that the way you are gripping the phone matters as you may be touching the numerical option while typing. So please try with a case and check if it improves typing experience on iPhone 13.

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